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The Sevenfold Path of Peace

Correspondence Course


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Empower yourself and be the change that changes everything. Take back your power, live disease-free, support the environment, live the change, and be the Artist of Your Life. The Sevenfold Path invites a renaissance in human thought, values and action, to create a lifestyle that supports happiness, compassion, love and peace as the core values for a sustainable future.

An unique, first of its kind seven month self-empowerment program. This time-tested information and experiential practices, books and DVD's and CD's offers transformational practices and philosophies that will support you in living a conscious, happy and purpose-filled lifestyle.

The Sevenfold Path of Peace, derived from the ancient Essene teachings, offers a strong foundation in essential lifestyle philosophies and practices in the art of conscious living. A consciousness based on the core vision of the unity of all life, and a passionate commitment to the noblest aspirations of humankind this life-style model supports and empowers the individual in a balanced, happy life in accordance with the laws of Nature.

Discover a new freedom, truth and joy in your relationship to the 7 main aspects of your life. It is a soul journey that will support and empower you in creating ‘ecstatic peace' in your relationship with (1) your body, (2) your mind (3) your family (4) your community, (5) humanity & culture (6) ecology and (7) the Creator. Create a lifestyle that is mutually fulfilling to yourself, your family, your community and the Earth.

The teachings in this Course are drawn from the ancient wisdom of the Essene's Sevenfold Path of Peace, Ayurvedic Medicine, Shamanic practices, Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings, modern day science, spiritual wisdom and Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera, Creativity Coach and Shantree Kacera D.N., Ph.D., combined experience of 85 years in the wholistic healing arts.

Living the Solution

Become a living example of wholistic health and a transformational force in your family, work and community. The Sevenfold Path of Peace is a global movement of conscious people who have chosen to honor each other, the Earth, and make ‘Peace' a way of life.

The Sevenfold Path is an extraordinary modern spiritual journey whose teachings are ancient. Through intense practices and methods of spiritual inquiry adapted for contemporary life, the Sevenfold Path Correspondence Course guides you in developing a personally empowered and fulfilling lifestyle.

The Purpose

The purpose of the Sevenfold Path to Peace lifestyle education is to promote a Renaissance in human thought, values and conscience based on healing, eco-sustainability and openness. To grow together as Global citizens to contribute towards the creation of a Planetary Peace Culture looking to life and common humanism as the core values for a sustainable society.

Our mission in creating this empowerment-training course is to inspire and empower people to feel peace and act peace. To help build a critical mass of peace consciousness that offer creative solutions on every level of existence. By activating the power of the heart through one person at a time - a peace paradigm will become a way of life.

Living Ecstatic Peace

Often when we think of the meaning of ‘peace' we think in terms of the ‘absence of war'. This could not be farther from the truth. Peace is a Universal energy which lives at the heart of all creation. We can see this beautifully exemplified in Nature. Nature in her wisdom has created a complex, intricate system where co-creation and harmony thrive. If harmony, another word for peace, did not exist in nature we would experience utter chaos and systems splitting into fractions, all vying against each other. Sound like the human condition?

Embracing peace as our inherent birthright and necessary element for the continued existence of humanity we discover that peace is the essence, the foundation for deep health and prosperity. In other words, it is the ‘bottom line' for the experience of happiness.

Peace is not static – it is ECSTATIC. To be a Peace-Walker is to live an extraordinary life! A life that is lived by the natural forces of goodness, united in spirit and in consciousness with all of creation. A Peace-Walker knows that their mission is to transform themselves, be a living embodiment of peace and hold a golden vision of the deep truth that lives in our hearts – that Paradise on Earth is possible!

Why Commit to Being a Peace-Walker?

Reclaim personal power, challenge the limitations of cultural belief and forge a new paradigm for a humanity based in peace, love, compassion and respect for the sacredness of all life.

A Sevenfold Path Peace-Walker is someone who ‘walks their talk'. They are powerful catalysts for creative change where peace becomes a mighty force for pro-creation. Living consciously according the ‘Peace Principles' you become a transforming force in your family, community and the Earth. It doesn't matter what your occupation is, how old you are, what education you have or where you live, your contribution to being a ‘Peace~Walker' is the gift that you give to yourself and the world. Peace begins with you…

The Benefits of Being a Peace-Walker

We present to you a treasure-trove of exciting information, practices and contemplative writings, assignments, practices and inspirational tales for you to learn and grow from.

  • Enjoy renewed health & vitality
  • Enhance mental clarity, focus and creativity and development of soul purpose
  • Learn how to maintain emotional stability throughout the day
  • Become a shining and powerful example of human potential
  • Deepen your skills in making a difference in your community
  • Increase Life-Force and the healing process
  • Share your passions and commitment with others
  • Enjoy spiritual renewal



Sevenfold Path of Peace

  • “Peace is not something that happens by accident. Peace is like silence; it is always there. The lack of harmony in our lives is like noise superimposed on the silence. The issue is not how to create peace, but how to live in a way that eliminates the noise.”  ~ Dr.Gabriel Cousens

  • Introduction
  • A New Paradigm in Sustainable Living
  • Living Ecstatic Peace
  • Why Commit to Being a Peace-Walker
  • Your Sevenfold Path Peace-Walker Coaches
  • The Structure
  • Peace-Walker Guides
  • What is the Essenes Sevenfold Path of Peace
  • The Essenes
  • Ayurveda: The Science of Life
  • The Five Great Elements
  • What is Constitutional Medicine
  • Constitutional Nature
  • Constitution: Pathway to Transformation
  • Constitutional Diagnosis & Worksheet
  • Peace Health Account

Peace with the Body

  • Why is Peace with the Body Important?
  • Empowerment Questions
  • Benefits of Exercising
  • "We Do Not Do Movement, We ARE Movement."
  • What is the Answer?
  • About Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings
  • How Often Should I Exercise?
  • Primordial Movement
  • Primordial Movement Lessons on DVD
  • Absorbing Vital Energy
  • Digestion: The Cornerstone of Health
  • Original Nourishment
  • Enzymes: The Sparks of Life
  • Enzymes: The Difference Between Live & Cooked Foods
  • Living Biogenic Nutrition
  • Biogenic Yin/Yang & Acid/Alkaline Dietary Wheel
  • Acid-Alkaline Balance
  • Acid-Alkaline Food Chart
  • Alkaline pH Testing
  • Simple Saliva pH Testing
  • What is Ayurveda?
  • Ayurvedic Medicine: An Integrative Approach
  • The Fundamental Principles
  • Advantages of an Ayurvedic Vegetarian Live-Food lifestyle
  • The 10-Keys for Optimizing Vital Energy
  • Exercise: Waking the E'Sensual: Food Addictions and the Sensuous
  • International Live-Food Summit summary

Peace with the Mind

  • Peace with Mind
  • Why is Peace with the Mind Important?
  • Empowerment Questions
  • Understanding the Mind
  • Applying this to our Lives
  • Journaling
  • Felt Awareness – Your Spiritual Guidance System.
  • Felt Awareness Meditation
  • Breath work – Hu & Lunar Breath
  • Meditation
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Creativity & Peace of Mind
  • Create Your Own Dream Board
  • Self-Management & Transforming Stress
  • Are You Standing in Your Power?
  • Lessons & Assignments
  • The Nourishment ~ The Peaceful Diet
  • Food, Prana & Consciousness
  • The Optimal Sattvic Diet
  • A Sattvic Live-Food Approach
  • Nature's Foods vs Denatured Foods
  • The Seven Keys for Determining the Quality of Food
  • Peace through a Sattvic Diet
  • Relationship of Sattvic, Rajasic & Tamasic Foods
  • Food Plan for Vata, Pitta, Kapha
  • Vegetarian Facts
  • International Living-Food Summit

Peace with the Emotions/Family

  • Why is Peace with Your Emotions Important?
  • Empowerment Questions
  • The Emotional Body
  • Overcoming Your Emotional History
  • Living From Your Heart
  • The Primordial Movement Meditation
  • More Tips for Living From Your Heart
  • More About Felt Awareness
  • The Dance of Fire – Transforming Anger
  • he Power of Your Voice to Transform Emotions
  • Body Work
  • Relationship: Intimacy & Communication
  • Emotional Freedom: The Live-Food Way

Peace with Community

  • The Essenes & Peace with Community
  • Why is Peace with Community Important?
  • Empowerment Questions
  • Peace with Your Community
  • Non-Violent or Heart-Centered Communication
  • Giving from the Heart
  • The Four D's
  • Identifying and Expressing Feelings
  • 10 Things We Can Do to Contribute to Internal, Interpersonal, and Organizational Peace
  • Community, Creativity and Following Your Bliss
  • Teachings of the Hummingbird
  • The Fish story
  • Building Your Conscious Community
  • Building Bridges to a New World
  • How to Bring Greater Peace to Your Community
  • Inspirational Peace Passages of Peace Pilgrim
  • The Web of Life Meditation
  • Lessons & Assignments
  • What is a Transition Towns?
  • 12 Key Steps to embarking on your transition journey
  • Community Garden Land Trusts
  • What is are Community Gardens?
  • What is a Permaculture Lifestyle?
  • Permaculture Lifestyle Practices
  • Recycling in the Community
  • The 7 barriers that stand in the way of a Transition Initiative

Peace with Culture

  • Peace with Culture
  • The Teachings of Elders of the Future
  • Empowerment Questions
  • The Great Lie of Scarcity
  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • Five Things To Do to Cultivate Gratitude
  • The Shambhala Warrior Story
  • Peace with Humanity ~ Change Agents
  • Peace Every Day Initiative
  • Peace with Humanity – Change Agents
  • Wisdom of the Elders

Peace with Ecology

  • Peace with Ecology
  • Empowerment Questions
  • The Essene Communions
  • Reconnecting with Gaia
  • Harmony with Nature
  • Attributes of Elements
  • Unity of Spirit and Earth
  • The Elements & You
  • Elemental Breath Process
  • The Elemental Dance
  • Wave, Unwinding and Elemental Breath Process
  • Absorbing Planetary Energy - Hand Mudras with Toning & Meditation
  • Vocal Toning
  • A Cosmic Story of Kindness
  • Sunset meditation
  • Staying healthy with the cycles of nature
  • Herbal Healing with the Seasons
  • Environmental Reasons to be Vegetarian
  • The impact of cooking food...on the environment and health
  • The Advantages Of Organically-Grown Food
  • A Bill of Rights For The Planet Earth
  • Message from the Hopi
  • Growing Soil
  • Minerals of Life
  • Earth Culture ~ Rise of the Forest Gardeners
  • Forest Gardens: Sustainable Gardens of the Future
  • The Benefits of an Edible Forest Garden
  • Permaculture Forest Gardens at the Living Centre
  • Gardening Like the Forest: Fundamentals of Ecological Gardening
  • Our Home Environment

Peace with the Creator

  • Empowerment Questions
  • Experiencing God
  • The Chakra Cleansing Breath
  • Invocation to the Unified Chakra
  • Getting Into the Gap
  • Spiritual Practices: Gratitude & Silence
  • Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation
  • Meditation ~ Deep Relaxation
  • Self-Attunement
  • Find Your Place in the Universe
  • Spiritual Basis of Nonviolent Communication
  • Find an Inspirational Role Model
  • The Minister & The Tablecloth (An Amazing True Story
  • Spiritual Nutrition: Feeding the Body, Nourishing the Spirit
  • Emotions, Mood & Food
  • Spiritual Fasting

Conclusion - Taking Action

  • Taking Action
  • Why We Resist Peace
  • How to Be Peace
  • Starting a Study Group
  • I Take the Vow

Lessons & Assignments

The Process

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This unique, first of its kind seven month self-empowerment journey offers time-tested information and experiential practices, books and DVD's to support you in creating a ‘Lifestyle' that will increase the health of body, mind and emotions, enhance longevity, and help you to feel younger, more joyful and peaceful.


(The Correspondence Course) Is the home study part of the course. Study the material and do the lessons at your own pace. Send in the lessons through email. We'll check your lessons and make comments and give you feedback on your progress.


(The Advanced Study & Research) Thesis Project offers you have the opportunity to dive even deeper into the teachings. Choose an area of study that you feel particularly drawn  to in the course, one that sparks your passion, invites yours curiosity, beckons you to explore. Write a 5,000-word thesis and conduct a research project, to be submitted within the course study time. Also, you will be required to offer to your community, and document, a minimum of four workshops or lectures to build understanding, expertise and confidence.

One-on-One Sessions

These sessions are available to both support and deepen the learning experience of this course. Three sessions of one-hour each each which can be done over the phone or through Skype. These are available to guide and advise you on your research thesis project. You need to book these sessions well in advance once you have sent in your proposed thesis topic.

Your Guide & Adviser: Lorenna Kacera & Shantree Kacera


Homework is sent upon completion of each lesson and is returned to you. We ask that you keep us posted as to how you're doing with your projects and assignments and projects.

Time Completion

You may complete these lessons on your own time schedule. But in order to utilize them to their fullest, we recommend you set up a schedule time to do each lesson; one evening a week, or an afternoon on the week-ends, will keep your momentum going. The average time to complete the course is about one year. Some students have completed the material in 6 months while others may take a few years.

We do ask that you complete the course in a period of two years. After the two year period, if the student fails to complete the course within the allotted period, the time-extension fee is $100. for an additional year.


One of the specialties of these lessons is the personal attention available to your questions and homework. We invite your comments, favorite herbal and nutrient-dense recipes, and suggestions.


Each student who successfully completes the lessons and ALL the homework will receive a beautiful Sevenfold Path of Peace Certificate. The Certificate awarded states that you are acknowledged for the successful completion of a thorough in depth study of Sevenfold Path of Peace. The objective of this course is about integration and bringing forth-new breakthroughs needed to continue the shift towards personal and planetary transformation.

How this Empowerment Training is structured

You will have at your fingertips time-tested tools to transform your life through ancient and modern wisdom, body-centered practices and rituals, questions and personal journaling. You will be able to apply this wisdom and practices to daily life immediately.

  • Seven empowerment lessons for living the new paradigm of Peace
  • These include: practical knowledge and theory, and experiential processes
  • Assignments for each of the seven lessons
  • Included are study books and two-part DVD set and two-part CD set

Course Material

  • Conscious Living e-Manual – Lorenna & Shantree, D.N., Ph.D.
  • Peace is the Way: Bringing War and Violence to an End, Deepak Chopra, M.D.
  • Creating Peace by Being Peace, Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
  • Spiritual Nutrition, Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
  • Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine, Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
  • Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words, Peace Pilgrim
  • Steps Toward Inner Peace – Booklet, Peace Pilgrim
  • Primordial Movement - DVD Set
  • Felt Awareness Meditation - CD Set

Your Participation

The course will span over a period of 7 months, which each month devoted to the understanding and exercises for each of the seven aspects of our lives. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson. It is important that you complete the written and experiential homework for each lesson before moving onto the next.

A minimum of 1 ½ hour per day is ideal, however, the more time you can devote to your empowerment experience, the more you will get out of it.

This amazing experience requires commitment and focus. During your time you will acquire the skills and confidence necessary to support you in your life and your work. We invite you to immerse yourself in a transformational, spiritually inspiring journey of personal growth and education.

What is the Essene's - Sevenfold Path of Peace

The Path of the Sevenfold Peace is based on the ancient teachings of the Essenes. Living the Sevenfold Path of Peace provides a foundation for lasting planetary peace. A signature course at The Living Centre, The Sevenfold Path is founded upon the unique fusion of the ancient Essenes - Sevenfold Path of Peace, Ayurveda, Live-Food Nutrition and our living relationship with the Elements- Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Ether. The purpose is to bring about an integrative lifestyle that embodies being at Peace with one's Body, Mind, Family, Humanity, Culture, Ecology and God.

The Seven Foundations

Peace with the body, mind and emotions are the three foundations for a fulfilled life. When body, mind and emotions are in peace our lives take on a new dynamic. One powered by love, compassion and joy. You realized that you are the change that you have been waiting for. You are no longer a player in the story of life, but a co-creator capable of fashioning a new tomorrow.

Peace with community, culture and ecology are the out-breath of the first three. When you have a solid foundation it is much easier to fulfill your dharma (purpose) and know the joy of meaningful service. When the first 6 aspects of your life have been fulfilled, peace with the Creator naturally occurs. You no longer have to go looking for God. You discover that you are the living expression of God in action on earth, living in divine unity.

The Essenes Most Profound Spiritual Principals ~ The Sevenfold Path The Sevenfold Peace of the Essenes was the summation of their inner teaching, as noted by historian Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. The Sevenfold Peace is a spiritual discipline which nourishes the expression of one's unique Spirit through practices and philosophies that support the seven aspects of ones life ~ the body, mind, heart/family, community, creative work, ecology, and ultimately, all of physical and spiritual reality. This path proves to be a powerful and effective spiritually inspired blueprint for harmonious living and the fulfillment of ones Divine potential.

Of profound importance within the teachings of the ancient Essenes is their recognition of the spiritual nature of the physical universe. The Essenes consider the feminine aspect of Divinity to be the essence of the spiritual quality of the physical domain. This teaching leads us to find ways of relating to our bodies, our minds and our environment that acknowledge the loving and nurturing foundations of the physical.

Ayurveda: The Science of Life

Ayurveda, often called the "Mother of All Healing" is a complementary system of healing originating in India over 5000 years ago. More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a "Science of Life", (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda provides specific guidelines to help us identify our constitutional nature and provides us with ways to live gently and harmoniously on the earth while fulfilling our own health and personal needs.





“Much of our lack of peace is the result of willingly exploiting ourselves by creating an overextended, imbalanced lifestyle organized around trying to accumulate what we often do not need and which is detrimental to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.” 
~Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Cost:  $1400


  • All Correspondence Course Material 
  • One-on-One Sessions
  • Taxes where applicable

Shipping is $50 for North America  |   Shipping is $100 for International